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Podcast episode 2: Branding for musicians

Podcast episode 2: Branding for musicians
12 Feb 2016

Podcast episode 2: Branding for musicians

branding for musicians

Podcast Episode 2: Branding for Musicians

In Episode 2 Jen gives advice on branding for musicians and personal branding for everyone else. It may not seem it but branding is such an important part of the music and entertainment industries yet few musicians stop to think about it in any great detail. In this podcast Jen looks at how to develop your brand and the different aspects of your brand.

Study Music Business’ podcasts delves into different areas of music business to help musicians and those looking to enter a career in the music industry. Jen Anderson helps you to gain new knowledge of the workings of the music industry as well as tactics and strategies to help you lead a fulfilling and financially successful career in today’s modern music industry. There are regular interviews with top music industry executives, managers, producers, writers, artists, agents and more talking all about the different areas of the music business.

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