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Branding is absolutely essential for any musician. The music business is all about earning money, it’s a business after all. You wouldn’t start a business up without a logo and you wouldn’t start selling a new cereal without thinking about the packaging, imagery and colour schemes. In order to sell music in a high bulk commercial sense (whether this is the biggest pop star or the smallest indie band) you need to think about your branding. The business of music is all about money and so you need to bring art, identity and talent together in order to earn money. This doesn’t mean that no music will ever be appreciated without putting a pretty face and some nice clothes to it but even at the smallest level people will make assumptions on the style of music before listening to a song.  As with any other business, even the greatest products can’t sell themselves; the image or brand perception is what makes people want to buy.

This course will take you through all the aspects of a brand and look at how you could go about branding yourself as a musician.

Part 1: What is Branding?
Part 2: Consistency
Part 3: Start Creating Your Own Brand
Part 4: Aspects of your Brand
Part 5: Successful Rebranding
Part 6: Branding Case Study – Adele