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I offer music industry consultation to any aspiring musicians, individuals or companies. I’m not going to get you a record deal (well it may happen!) but what we can do is to help you set yourself to give you the best opportunity of achieving your goals in the industry (and this is when you may sign a record deal!).

I am here to help everyone from independent artists to record labels, bands to managers and anyone else interested in achieving realistic, self sustaining, long term success in the music industry through consulting, assisting, guiding and aiding.

Some of the key services I can provide include: Artist Development, Organisation, Branding, Setting Up A Record Label, Writing CVs, Setting Up A Business, Business Plans, Fundraising, Marketing, Promotions, Contracts, Social Media, Search Engine Optimisation and Web Design.

These consultations can be done in person in London or Scotland (as time permits) but are normally done as one-to-one recorded Skype sessions that last for 20 minutes.

During the 20 minute session, based on your specific needs, we could:
Help you with fan segmentation i.e. who are your fans and where can you find them?
Determine your brand and the best ways to communicate it.
Critique your web site’s strengths and weaknesses and suggest areas for improvement.
Look over your business plan and offer up suggestions for improvement.
Develop a promotional plan for a single or album.
Look over your CV and suggest ways to improve it.

Each 20 minute session will take place over Skype and the cost for each 20 minute session is £25.