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Do you want to know what it takes to get your band to the next level or get a job
in the industry? Jen Anderson (A&R, lecturer, manager, music industry consultant) will guide you through it all.




Our courses aren't just for musicians. If you dream of working
in the music industry, we can give you the knowledge you
require and help you get your CV up to scratch.



Our courses cover everything from the basics of copyright
and intellectual property through to making money from music,
getting label and publishing deals, contracts, branding, marketing,
social media, web design and so much more. It is one of the most
comprehensive online music business courses out there.

Online Courses

We have a range of courses that covers all aspects of the industry. From 1 hour masterclasses to 8/10 week courses.


Book 30 minute consultations with Jen to discuss your project or progression in the industry, held via Skype.


For a Range of Users

Whether you are a musician trying to get label attention or an aspiring music industry professional we have courses to suit you.


Each learner will receive a certificate on successful completion of every course that they undertake. 


Industry Consultation

As well as online courses I also offer industry consultation. I am here to help everyone from independent artists to record labels, bands to managers and anyone else interested in achieving realistic, self sustaining, long term success in the music industry through consulting, assisting, guiding and aiding.

Some of the key services I can provide include: Artist Development, Organisation, Branding, Setting Up A Record Label, Writing CVs, Setting Up A Business, Business Plans, Fundraising, Marketing, Promotions, Contracts, Social Media, Search Engine Optimisation and Web Design.

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Why did Jen start SMB?

Why did SMB start?

Watch this video to watch Jen Anderson talk about why she setup Study Music Business

School Walkthrough

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What Student's Say?

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